Quick System

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Quick System offers the maximum flexibility and adaptability on lighting in continuous row of offices, open spaces and commercial areas. The main body is in anodized extruded aluminum with seven poles electrified wiring with faster connectors and line selector; Dark Light louver, methacrilate diffuser and further accessories and can be integrated for an easy and careful design whose strengths are the functionality and ease of installation in environments of any type and size.

The timeless design allows a noninvasive suspended installation and a ceiling installation, ensuring really high lighting performances, solidity and small sizes. The closing headers and the louvers joints are realized in methacrilate and give an appearance of invisible continuity at constant light homogeneity on the diffuser.

Standard wiring is 230-240V/50-60Hz, high frequency electronic type with power factor >0.97. The fixtures conform to safety standards EN 60598-1, IEC EN 60 598-1 and lighting of working places UNI EN 12464-1.

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